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What do you weigh? Under a buck?

Yesterday got better. When Mark got home we rode my new "car" down to the pond where the ducks are and fed them. Then they started to chase us..not fun. Today was ok. No one is hiring till the end of August and Im bored out of my gord. I want a cool job so bad. I think Ill go for the job at Michaels I mean I spend all my money there anyways and at Pier 1 so I mine as well get something back from them right? Heheh yeah right, Ill end up spending all my check there every week! Hahaahah

I hope people realize that rumors are just that. Theres no sense in getting all upset about something you dont even know is true or not. I guess you shouldnt discuss some things with some people because they cant take it. Im sorry I talked to you about it. I didnt know you would become this upset about rumors. I do understand how much you can love someone and how bad it hurts to see them in pain or trouble, but maybe this should have been keep private, again Im sorry.

Oh well what are you going to do you know? The only thing I control is my own life and happiness and Im good, just bored and chubby hehehe. Hey guess what? I think Im finally starting to drop some weight! Yay! Its awesome! Im hope my Christmas Ill be 90 lbs again. We hope, we pray. Hahahaha We arent coming home for Christmas, its final now. Ill miss everyone but this is what needs to be done. Well Im going to go start a new book, I mean hello? It is friday! Hahaha Man Im gay. Byeeeee


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