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Weird food cravings

I put in my app for the Riata to be a cleaner person. I hope I get this one because they pay a lot. The stupid people at JC never called me back. There is this one place I put in my app at Souper salad, and they sent my app to their head office because they want me for a shift manager. I dont htink I want that one though. Its a hike away and I'd have to deal with idiot kids calling off on me all the time and all the other shit that goes along with being a manager. I really hope I get to work here at my apartments because cleaning is easy, good hours, good pay and you get a discount on rent! Yay! Its just way better. Tonight Im making sliders, (my brothers will know what that is) yummmm. Then after I start that Im going to be making the day of the dead bread. I was craving it kinda since me and my mom were talking about it. Its a spanish recipe. I really want to make some fufu but I dont have the recipe that Naa uses and I dont have her number to call her. I think Ill scope out the internet to see if I can find a decent recipe for it. That a Ghana recipe or African. Its really good and spicey. Ok well Im hungry now Ill ttyl.

Byeeeee P.S. Kat...we all want to kick Anna Nicoles ass...every last one of us. She is the dumbest person on the face of this earth.


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