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Geez sounds like everyone is being tramatized by songs lately. Mine was Madonna and Mikes was David Gray. Life sure is weird isnt it? Hes right though, you really do think you have it all under control then something as simple as a song on the radio can rip up your heart. Its almost like your heart just died. You feel it like it was dying. Its a sucker punch in your stomach that wont stop hurting. Yeah I know. What can you do but sit still and feel it. I hope it doesnt hurt forever but I have a feeling a bit of it might.

Well tonight we are making fried catfish. Ive been watching Emeril a lot lately with mom over the phone. We like all the shows on food tv. Bobby Flay is awesome, Sweet Dreams, Molto Mario, East Meets West, Food 911 all of them rock! Ive been learning a lot from them.

I called the Riata people today to talk to the guy about hiring me for the house keeping job, he wasnt in but I left my number so hopefully he will call me back soon. I really hope I get that one. Tomorrow is measurements day. Hopefully there will be a difference from 2 weeks ago, if not I might freak out. Keep your fingers crossed. Bob is sick, we have to give him his meds twice a day for like 10 days. I hope he feels better soon. His poop is sick.

Ok this is boring the shit out me so I cant imagine you like reading about this mundane shit. Bye


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