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Forever? But its not worth anything!

Ok ..poop crap poop. I made a horrible mistake of getting on the scale today..yeah lets just leave it at that. Im feeling a little discouraged then guess what? I open the mail box and theres a package from Azita and Kat! It was soo cute! It had Barbie candies and candles and letters and chinese hanky and stickers! It was soo cute! That was just what I needed! You guys rock! What did I ever do to deserve such good friends? Hehehe I love you guys!

We took my measurements last night. Theres not too much change but in my thighs there is its 25 inches which is better then 30 something they were. My stmoch looks smaller but its only about in inche smaller. Im not sure if I measured them right the first time because I did it by myself and I did it sitting down I think. So in a month Ill do it again and see and Ill only use there measurements. I really hope I start to see some real changes. Yes I know muscle weighs more then fat so I will stay off of that dam scale. I thought I was going to start crying right then and there when I saw what it said but my scale has never been right. So keep your fingers crossed for me and hopefully in a month Ill see some real changes. I think it will be much better becuase I just started 2 weeks ago to take a whole pill of these diet pills so they havent really had much of a chance to get in there and kick ass.

I went to the Riata today to see that guy Rick whos hiring and he wasnt there so I waited for like half an hour. Then they got a hold of him on the cb thiingy and he said he hasnt made any decisions about who hes gonna hire who knows. I told Mark Im not playing around anymore, if I dont hear from him soon then Im gonna move on to another place because this shit is ridiculous. Why are places being such dicks about hiring lately? Like this place Riata, they only have hispanics working there doing all the cleaning jobs. I wonder if they wont hire me because Im not hispanic? Yeah its a racist world boy I tell you what. Who knows. I dont have a good feeling but Id really like to be surprised so hopefully they will want me.

Arghhh Im feeling a little discouraged today. Man I cant wait till Im me again.

I havent felt like myself in so long since I gained all this weight. Oh well, I cant do anymore then Im already doing. I just have to try to stay focused and keep positive. Yup thats me, miss positivity hahahahhahahahahahahaha.

Mark is going to go play foose tonight and tomorrow night. He needs to bone up for the Worlds tournament in 2 weeks in Texas. Im the one that told him to play tonight because he hasnt been playing that good lately and I know how much it means to him to do really good. I hope he wins rookie doubles and then he'll go on to become a semi pro. Hes alomost got all the points right now to go semi pro.

Ok now for all you guys and gals who like to learn some thing new read this. I bet guys are gonna be pissed off. Have a good one! byeee!


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