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January is when life will be good again..I hope.

Well you wont believe it. While I was nosing around in Diaryland I came across a diary that sounded a lot like me. There is this girl who is only a year older then me going through pretty much the exact same thing with the weight. Shes been on Zoloft and is trying to lose weight while on them. Its great to have someone who understands what hell Im in everyday.

This weekend wasnt too good. Mark and I were craving Krispy Kreme so we went and got 2 dozen, yes I did. I ate a whole dozen. SO this morning feeling bad about eating it I did an extra 200 crunches making it 700 and an extra set on everything else. I think Im going to start doing the Adkins diet. Maybe that will help me out some. I tried Weight Wathcers but they are way too strict. This diet I can eat, be full, and still be turning around my metabolism. And now that Im on a whole pill of Adipex-P, hopefully soon I wont be such a lard ass anymore. Im so tired of thinking about weight and working out and being embarassed to leave my house. I hate going out in public, I feel like everyone is staring at me and thinking "What the hell is he doing with that fat girl?" when they look at Mark. Plus I just feel embarassed all the time because Im fat. I just want it to come off. I want to get a job soon, Im bored too. If I get that cleaning job then I wont have to be around a lot of people I can just clean and Ill be making some dough so thats good. That will get Mark off my back too. When will January get here?


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