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Atkins and a job would be wonderful.

Today is the first day of Atkins diet. I know I do this one and its really cool cuz Mr. Marklar is doing it with me so my chances to succeed just went up about a thousand times. Yay for Marklar! I hope he doesnt lose a butt load and I dont lose anything. Kat said she didnt lose anything the first month but they said on the website that woman who are really over weight, like me, should lose up to 6 pounds so who kows? We shall see.....hmmmm. Im not going to get my hopes up. I like this diet though cuz its not like a diet Im just not eating junk anymore. AND unlike Weight Watchers I wont go hungry, thats how I always f-ed up. I will be 90 lbs again dammit!

So I guess no one is updating anymore huh? Mike hasnt updated in forever and Kat hasnt since Sat..oh wait I know why..cuz they have lives and I dont? Hahahahah

I hope that guy calls me this week about a job. I really really would like to get that job and start asap. Its been ridiculous getting jobs here in Colorado. Back home in Michigan I would have a job in a snap. Heres its just stupid. Some places dont want to hire because Im over qualified and some because I dont have enough, so the hell do I do? I dont have a car. My options are very limited. I dont want to wait around for someone to finally pick me! Grrr Dammit Riata hire me!!!! Ill be a great cleaning lady! I swear! Youll love me! Ok thats it for my bitching today. Oh wait one more thing...CALL ME RIATA! HIRE ME DAMN YOU!


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