Bob McGoogle

Lessons of your life and butt

Adipex-P and Atkins Diet DO NOT mix well. I was so sick last night with the fucking hershey squirts to the point of being really sore there :-( And today with stomach cramps, I thought I was going to die. Thank God for Mr. Marklar coming home from work to take care of me. Enough with the gimmicks and shit. Im doing a great job with working out, Adipx-p and trying to eat better. Thats all anyone can ask of me. Or me of myself. Im a very impatient person, I want things done and I want it done NOW! I just have to stay strong and remeber that my normal weight of 90 lbs isnt that far away. I just have to remeber that yes its ok to have A Krispy Kreme but not a hole dozen. Hehehehe Lesson learned. Ok well I have to go kiss Mr. MArklar cuz hes all cute and snuggly taking a nappy nap. Byeee


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