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Icky foot girl

Yeah well I dont have a busy weekend but I am sewing a Christmas Calendar that is taking me forever! Yay! ... Um no not really. Its very cute but its really hard to do.

No job offers yet. I want a job! Whine whine whine..would I like some cheese with my whine?..why yes I would!

So anypoop I havent heard back from anyone yet and I went up to Souper Salad yesterday but they still dont have any apps but they gave a managers number to call to talk to her so Ill do that today. I called that Riata guy again, but of course he didnt call me back, BASTARD!!!! Ill call agian today after I shower cuz I smell from working out. Im so tired of this! I want a job already you poopfaces! Give me one! If they think that Im going to stop bothering them then they can forget it. Even if its been another month Ill keep caling just to pester them for making me wait and never calling me back.

I hope I find some stuff to do this weekend. Mark will be gone for most of it playing in a big foose thing beofre he leaves on Wednesday to go to Dallas for Worlds. I think Im going to be very bored and very lonely. Aww poor me. Heheheh Ok byeee

P.S. :-( Poor Kat with an icky foot


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