Bob McGoogle

God Bless Kat err America!

You ever notice how somedays you feel depressed and no one cares for you. A pity party for you alone. Then something so simple as a phone call can make everything seem like it cant be all that bad if this person cares. When your feeling lonely and someone reaches out to you, its like you cant help but love them a little more just for that. Thats how I feel about my Kat. She understands how cut off I feel sometimes and she gets my mouth and humor. She never judges, she just listens. I know shes heard me over and over again whine about my weight, my family, my joblessness and whatever else bothersme, but she never complains. Why cant more people be like that in this world? Im really glad I have her and thank God everyday that I do. Shes become my life raft when my life has been a storm. I dont know if I tell you enough but,

Thank you.


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