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Hey all! Mark just left for a week to go kick ass at Worlds in Dallas. Im already lonely! Boo! This place is too quiet without him jumping all around. I cant believe I already miss him, man Im pathetic.

Id like to give a shout out of happy b-day to Azita. Sorry! I didnt know it was your b-day sweetie pie or I would have called! I got her email from Kat before but it was over aol messenger thingy so now I dont have it. I need to email her and ask her for it again. Im such a poop head! Something smells funny by the puter. It smells like rotten burritos or something. Armpits? Mine....smelling...nope mine are april fresh. Weird. Oh well.

I am so frickin sore! Ouch! Whine and cheese for Leahbea. When will this torture be over? My legs are getting pretty buff though and my fatty ass seems to be coming off a bit so maybe this is it. All who dont know Adipex-P is awesome! If you need to lose 30 pounds or more this is the SHIT! Well unless you are at risk for a heart attack cuz it has speed in it. I dig it though. OMG! I was working ou this morning and there was this super buff chick in there. Im all struggling with my 2 five pound weights with my arms up in the air doing some junk right? (all of you who know me know Im not a very big gal at 4'11) So she comes up and picks up 2 55 pound weights and starts doing the same exercise as me! So of course I had to say "Wow! Your pretty buffed out!" She just gives me this look like "And your not." So I keep working work then this guy comes in whos in there everyday and hes watching her too now. He tries to pick up those weights and almost drops them! Then after everyone left I was like "Dude I could do that if I really wanted to be buff, I just want to lose weight but Ill give it a go." So I pick it up with BOTH hands and get it up to my chest...I just about dropped that fucker on my foot and that was only 1 55 pounder! She had 2! That chick was so biffed out it was scarey! You go biff girl! So I guess Im not as buff as I thought but atleast I have breats still unlike that chick! Hehehe Hey you gotta give me something to be happy about! Man Im bored and lonely already and he left at 1:40pm today! What a loser! I hate being here alone especially at night. Im a scare-de-cat. Heheheh This is going to be a long week for me, especially the nights because all the lights will be on which makes it hard to sleep. What are you gonna do you know? Grow up? No! Never! Yeah I am this retarded but you get used to it after awhile, and my love of poop...dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!


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