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Gloomy day

My nose is still crusty today..ouch that hurts. Well today I started my new "Hardcore Leah Workout" and man I have to say that I am hurting. This must be a good workout. I use 10 pounds on my chest now to do my crunches and I can only do about 100 so maybe Ill start to add some more weight next week. It only took me 40 mintues to workout today! Thats a vast improvement compared to 1 hour and about 40 mintues. Im only doing 20 mintues now on that ski machine because Mom said its not really burning off much fat anymore at this stage for me, so just do it to keep my heart in shape. Its very important that us Boyds keeps our hearts in shape because heart disease and attacks are huge in our family.

Mark leaves for Texas on Wednesday afternoon. I have no idea what Ill do to keep myself busy. Im such a chicken shit at night when hes not here. I sleep with almost all the lights on cuz I think the boogie man is coming for me. Its hard to sleep alone when youve been sleeping next to the same person for almost 4 years now. Yup so its not going to much fun for Miss Leah while hes gone, so feel free to call me up and chat ya'll. I do have a few projects to do while hes gone though, Im going to attempt for the first time to make fufu and peanut butter soup. Thats not as gross as it sounds, its natural non sweetened peanut butter. My bros would probably love it, they like weird hot food. Its a Ghana stable of food, and its really hot. I hope it comes out good. Then I have to finish sewing my Christmas felt calender Ive been working on and Im starting a painting soon too. Yeah I am a friggin Martha Stewart arent I? Heheheh No one called me back at all about a job yet and hope is fading really fast thats Ill get either of the jobs I was going after. Im running out of options. I dont have a car so I can only get places in walking or scooter distance. Dont get your hopes up that scooter only goes for 5 miles on that battery and it will not go up ANY slight little incline. So needless to say I need in walking distance.

We went to Pier 1 and got this super sweet rug we wanted for our living room since we are the process of re-doing our house. Its super cool looking. Man its so gloomy here today. Its supposed to rain so I guess thats a good thing but man its dark and chilly out..very depressing. Oh well. Ok byeeee


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