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OK IVE HAD IT! Who the hell are you who checks my page about 50 times a day? I ran trace root and it only hops twice..whats up with you? Who are you? Sign my guest book or atleast email me you stalker! Dont make me display your ip address for all to see! Wellity wellity well. We seem to have gotten quite a few hits lately, must be my new sweet ass banners. Yup I put up another one, but you'll have to find it...muhahahahhaha!

Well I was laying in bed last night after I got some poon-tang from Mr. Marklar, and I was thinking about how badly I had to pee.

You thought I was going somewhere with that didnt you? Nope.

So anywho, today is my first day with my personal trainer. He'll be kicking my ass around for 5 months at only 600 buck-a-roos! Actually thats not bad for a personal trainer. If you have the means I highly suggest you pick one up.

Am I crazy or does drinking a lot of water hurt? Last night I finished guzzling my 4th liter and within mintues I had to pee so bad I thought my bladder was going to explode. This one time driving with Mark it happened again and I had to make him pull over so I could drain myself before I burst. That reminded me of my prom night when I pissed all over my prom dress then passed out in it. Ahhhh memories. Well time to go get my bowels moving. (I always have to poop after I work out..weird.) Yeah I lied, guess I was going somewhere with the pee story. Dont you hate that?


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