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Yet another update, no I dont have a life. So what you wanna fight about it?

Hi Katie! I didnt htink you read this! Heheh Yeah that was a fun night! My cat Bob is a hand burglar!

He keeps molesting my hands! I cant hide from him!

So someone emailed me to ask if I really pissed all over my prom dress and the answer is yes. Im what you call hard core. But dont take me off of your favs list or Ill cry like a baby!

So right now Im jamming out some ICP Dead Body Man. If your from the Detroit area like I am originally, you'll get it.

I noticed something today when I was working out, I like how my pits smell when I work out. (Yup shes one sick fucker :-)

So I was chatting with my homies on and This one chick sent me a pic of Angelina...oh baby. She makes me want to eat carpet. Id fuck her any day, even being straight, shes that hot. She makes me feel funny. Its funny, almost every chick I know wants her gay or straight, shes that hot!

Ok so to answer the question from Dallas chick, yes I have many favorites in my own diary...Id have to say that "Sushi code" is one

and deinately "Brothers cant live with them cant kill them"

Thats it for your round of questioning. Now onto more important stuff like is it true that I pick my nose till it bleeds? Yeah sometimes. Hey! Sometimes you have a flicker boog that just wont release. You cant leave that shit in! And no fucking tissue is gonna pull that bitch out! You gotta get in there and find that fucking boog at all costs! Anymore questions please send them to [email protected]

or [email protected] if you prefer to get an answer. Yes I really am this retarded, Ill nip that question in the bud right now. :-)

Sign my guestbook while your here if you like what you see. And if you dont like what you see then you can eat poop.

P.S. In case you want to laugh your ass off at anothers expense look at "If I could be any color which color would I be?" Its about my trip to Vegas this summer.. Enjoy!


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