Bob McGoogle

Who you callin corn?

Ok a doke a rooney pooh. Today we are going thru "The Maze". Thats right! The awesome corn maze youve all heard about..oh wait you havent heard have you? Oh thats cuz its here! Just kidding they are everywhere. Aliens made them, yup they sure did. We're going to the one in Littleton Colorado. Check it out Its gonna be sweet. My brothers used to call me corn..but thats another story.

I hope Miss Kat has a great time on her date today! I hope hes a hottie and you get some Kat poon if you know what I mean..muhahahahahha. I feel like poop today. I had a bunch of crazy dreams last night about Christmas. Weird huh? One day Ill write a book about the map of my nightmares. But Im not a very good speller so that might not be a good idea.

I wish Mark would get up soon, Im getting bored sitting here playing with my Beaver. No not that you sick f-er! Its a finger puppet thats a Beaver. I sing the Beaver song while I make him dance. Sing the Dreidle song from South Park except change just about every word to Beaver. Beaver beaver beaver, I stick my finger in you. Beaver beaver beaver, you dance till Im through. Cute huh?

Try singing it with your kids, they will love it.

Ok Im outtie, have a nice day Ill be back tonight. Buh bye.


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