Bob McGoogle

Asshole of fire

Shot to the heart and your to blame, you give love a bad name. I have no idea why that song is in my head but oh well, I know how to party!

I gotta say I actually like watching the Anna Nicole show. I know Kat, shes dumb as all hell and sets back the womens movement about a thousand years everytime she opens her mouth...But fuck its funny to watch!

Yup I have nothing better to do then watch that shit. I feel a bit better now, but I was really tired earlier. Life is hard when you dont have a job. Hehehe

Well thats all for now but let my leave you with this question....

If your on the toliet, taking a dump and your ass starts burning so bad you have to wet toliet paper with cold water, and hold it on your asshole till it cools you think that might be a bad sign? Or is it that youve been eating too many hot peppers??? Life is strange, so is taking a poop sometimes. Nighty night.


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