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If you met me in real life, would you be scared?

Some people think Im stuck up. I guess its cuz I dont talk to people that I dont know, and if I dont talk to them Ill never get to know them. Its a horrible cycle. I was going to use visious, but i cant spell either. I would talk to more people but they would probably just annoy me. Most people do. They are either too stuck up or they get all grossed out when they ask me how things are going and I start to explain to them that Ive had diahrea for 3 fucking days and my asshole is one fire and everytime I have to poop I start to cry because I know its gonna hurt worst then getting fucked in the ass. (Yeah I dont know what that feels like but I can can imagine..or do I?) So its not easy for me to make friends. But if you ever do run into a short little blonde girl who tells you anything you never wanted to know about her bodily functions, take it easy on her ok? Dont twist your face all up and then start to vomit repeatedly till your stomach lining comes out. Thats just impolite to me and gross frankly.

I had my first day with the trainer guy today. Man he kicked my ass. He had me doing these stomach things and everytime I went to do one, the cellutlie in my thigh would be all pinched up so it would be really easly noticable and Id get this look on my face like I was going to upchuck. So finally he goes, "Thats um...enough of that. You know you can do these at home if you wanted to. Might be more comfortable". I was like, "If I do everything at home that makes me feel like crap when I see it and how morrible I look, Id never leave my house again." I think he got my drift. Im grossed out but you cant keep me down for long! Thats fatty ass I grew is coming off, even if I have to purform at home liposuction! Yeah, Im not going to do that, I might get hurt. Oh yeah before I go, are there any nice girls in Michigan over 25 who are cute, non drama queens and like Godzilla? If so I have a 30 year old brother who wants a nice girl he can do. So if your interested look at my profile, hes under mboyd72 and give him some of that sweet sweet poon tang.

Am I a great sister or what?

Onto eating more peppers! Im gluttening for punishment today!


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