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To burn or not to burn that is my butt.

Yup it happened again. My butthole is on fire thanks to my eating binge of Pepperochini's. I have a problem! I was reading last night and I was eating them while I was reading so I wasnt paying attention to how many I ate. Whew! This morning when I woke up, my stomach was on FIRE! I just stayed in bed cuz I couldnt move! Its hurt so bad! Then about an hour it finally madea run for it. It burned like you wouldnt believe! Serves me right for eating all those. Hmm peppers sound good actually...just kidding. Well they do sound good but my ass needs a day to recover.

Today is my first PS consultation! I am so geeked about it! Yay!

My friend Katie emailed me today and she told me about how my 5 year reunion is coming up next year.. and I was like "Good lord Im old". I cant believe its been 5 years since Ive seen all those assholes. No I wont be going. I couldnt stand them then, why would I like them now. I had to update since this girl signed my guestbook. She gets what Im saying. Its like those dumb bitches in HS forget that they were such cunts to you and when they see you now its all like "Hi Leah how are you?" "Oh, are you still with that guy you met in college?" Amd Im all like "Oh and are you still a fucking asshole and a whore who fucked our whole school?" Yeah high school was fun.I think they talk to us now because its their way to try to feel better about themselves since they graduated and now no one cares about them anymore. Im just in shock that Im old enough to be having any type of a reunion. Getting old at 23? This sucks. Im depressed now.I think Ill go finish myself off with the peppers.


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