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How old is she?

Well I sure am glad most people liked my Aborto entry called, "Can you say sickos?" I was laughing my ass of when Mark came up with it.

The munchkins are the shit! They used to call me a Munchkin..wait they still do. Ill grow one day! Ive been drinking milk. You can have a growth spirt at 23 cant you? If I get to be 5 feet tall then maybe when Mark and I are out in public people will stop giving him dirty looks like hes a child molester. Thats ok. When they do that I just start sucking my thumb and call him daddy. Then he usually goes "When we get home your gonna get it." With a nice little smirk on his face. Thats what usually pushes peole over their limit and they begin to get this really green look to their faces. Maybe we take it too far?....Nahhhh. I know I look like a kid but come on! I dont look that young. Well I guess my little piggy tails isnt helping and the fact that I hardly wear any make-up. Oh well. Theres nothing wrong with a man loving his little piggy tail haired girlfriend who looks like shes 12.


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