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Boob Sweat

Today Id like to talk to all of you about boob sweat. Ladies you know what Im talking about. If you have a B or higher then you have at one time or another experienced boob sweat. I was working out this morning and I feel this hot wet sensation under my shirt. I reached in and lo and behold its all sweaty and sticky. No one bothered to tell me at the gym that I had boob sweat going on through my shirt. Thanks a lot dickheads! No wonder that grandma was looking at me all weird when I was leaving, but her husband didnt seem to mind. Guys dont care about anything as long as they can see a chicks rack, even if its all sweaty and gross and they think that they are the more superior sex? Shaw! Right! Id also like to add that I am in desperate need of a job. Its getting pretty much slim pickins now. Ive applied just about everywhere here in Lakewood an no one will hire me! No one is hiring period. I thought since this morning and all that crap, that this friday the 13th would get better now instead of worse. Wrong! I was sitting on a bench, you know those kinds that are just bars so you can see through it, filling out an application when this truck pulls up behind me and yells out "Hey blondie nice polka dots!" Yeah my ass and thong were hanging out of my "Im so cool low rider pants". Oh wait, it gets better. Then Im walking home which is about a 15 minute walk when your a chubby gal like me, or about 10 minutes for everyone else, like how I threw that in there? And I had JUST left this place that was way at the other end of this shopping plaza when guess what? It starts to pour. Yup I got rained on the whole way home. Guess what lovely color shirt I decided to wear on this beautiful Colorado day when there wasnt supposed to be any rain? Light yellow. Yup my bra was all wet and you could see right through my whole shirt and my bra. Of course some idiot had to yell out "Nice tits!" Dare I ask what else will happen today? Naw I think Ill stay inside for the rest of today, unless you can be horribly embarrassed in your own home while no one else is there? Yeah....maybe I should leave.


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