Bob McGoogle

"Hey baby you lookin for some furry lovin'?"

Great, Monday again. Time to go make the doughnuts or I mean look for a job. Im thinking that whoring out my cat might be a better deal. We took back the scooter and I got a bike, yes a kids bike. Well lets see how well you do on a bike when your only 4'11 so eat my ass. Im in a crappy mood today. Im really sore because Sidney my trainer kicked my ass today and because I didnt get much sleep last night. I was making these curtains for my Barbie house that I decorate and put in all my collectors stuff in, when I accidently hot glued my leg. Needless to say, it burned like a mother fucker so I had to try to sleep last night holding a bag of ice on my thigh all night..not too comfy. Whine whine Im tired. Ok time to go get a job or soon my cat will become a "date" for some lucky guy.


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