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Oh God no, Ive become "Angry Fat chick"

So today started out fine until I got to the gym to workout this morning. Long story but I came home crying because my trainer seemed to be focused on what I eat and whatever Mark eats is fine. He chewed me out over orange juice! Did he say anything to Mark ..hell no. Whatever. Of course, Im the fat chick right? (I get the feeling he wanted to put his finger under my chin and say "Hey fatty fat fat fat, your just a big old fat chick aint cha? Heres a candy bar fatty.")Maybe having Mark go is a bad idea. I really feel uncomfortable with him there sometimes. I dunno.

Today 2 people called me for jobs! The tanning place wanted an interview, so I went. I doubt Ill get that one because the lady asked me if I tan and I said no, then she goes.."Do you plan on tanning ever?" And of course I said no. I explained by telling her my mom has had about a million rounds of skin cancer and I couldnt do that. She said that might be a problem because people will need my opinion about what to use. So I doubt Ill get that one but its cool, atleast someone called finally. Plus everyone in there was a ll bone skinny and tan. I bet they were all wondering if I was there on a suicide mission...hmmm not a bad idea. No not really the world needs those twigs so people like me have someone to blame for their crappy sense of self worth. Hey thanks skinny bitches! Then that guy whos wife cleans, he called to day to say that he swears she is calling today so thats cool. Sounds like I have that one of I want it, but who knows how much she'll pay me and what kind of hours we will have. Then I went to Bath and Body Works to get a little something for our new neighbors, you know like a welcome to the hood type present. The girl was there that I gave my app to about a week ago and she remembered me. She said shes going to start calling people next week. So that sounds good. AND Petco finally had apps so I handed one in there too. I think well..I hope something will pan out soon. I want 2 jobs to work during the day and at night to help put a dent in our bills. Gotta do something to fix this mess, Mark cant do it alone so Ill have to work twice as hard to even try to get rid of it. I really hope I can have a lot paid off my Christmas and have some money to spend on my peeps. Arent I so down wit it? Hheheheh No, not really.

Well Tads vet appointment was today. I dont know if anyones been paying attention but a few days ago I found some blood in this gelly goo on the floor. The vet said its some really rare virus but they can treat it. Heres the bad part. Its really really really nasty tasting so when she made this liquid to put in Tads mouth he started to foam for like half an hour! He was freakin out! Ive never seen him like that. I started to cry and begged them to fix him so he wouldnt be like that. He looked horrible I thought he was dying. They washed out his mouthas best they could but by this time he was just plain going nuts. Then she gave the medicine to me in pills form, she said this would work better but it would still be bad. God, I cant wait till 7 days is over. Pray for us, poor Fatty Taddy. He pissed everywhere when they did that. His belly is all stinky. Well time to go I have to go baby my poor Jippo. Yes hes the cat of a thousand names but he'll always be my Tadapoo "Fatty" Boyd. And NO you cant have a "date" with him now, hes sick! If I stab myself in the forehead do you think my day will get better? Cant get any worse unless I grow a huge nasty boil on my face..yeah that would be worse I guess.


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