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Maybe Ill actually update again tonight with something funny, that would be nice huh? Me..funny?

Dont you hate it when your boy or girl is all sleeping next to you and they look all "cute and fuzzy bunny"? You know, they are all squishy and you squsih up next to them and snuggle. Thats how my boy was this morning. I couldnt wake him up! He looked too fuzzy and squishy. Im not that mean I just couldnt do it. So he got into work at 10! Heheh Oh well. Atleast he got to be cute and fuzzy bunny a little longer. Dont we all wish we could be that a little longer?

So the cleaning lady called me last night and we are working out together on friday morning so we can meet and chat it up. Shes from Brazil and barely speaks any english. I sure hope shes not a mail order bride or my head might explode. I dont think I could handle something THAT repressive to women without something horrible happening to my head. I cant control that kind of stuff. I bet that would hurt. Or crapping bricks...actually I think I did today. Everytime I use the treadmill and I start to run, I always feel like I have to poop, then when I get home its a bitch to get it out. I have to bend in half to try to push it out, now that hurts, especially if its know what I mean.

So enough about my poop. I bet your like "Whew! Thank God I was going to barf." Well then your a pussy. What the hell is wrong with talking about what you do everyday? Get over it.

Mine smells like warm raisen bread, I think its because I just smell better then you. Or not..who knows. Yeah I know I said enough about poop, this time I mean it.

Id like to thank both of my know who you are, for being such great friends and listening to me whine about being a fatty. They both know me so well its scarey. I really wish I could have been there from like sat to sat. Katie had her wedding party thingy where you gets all your free stuff, I have no idea what its called. Sucked ass I couldnt be there to put the smack down on her maid of honor whos a frickin moron. And Kats birthday is tomorrow and then she leaves for vacation. I wont be there to get pessed with them and get all dressed up all punky or whatever Kat calls it.. heheh. Im such a Abercrombie and Fitch girl I bet she'd love to dress me up. Hhaahhaha NEVER! I love my cute sweaters, t shirts and khakis! When Im skinny again they wont look like a huge fat girl trying to wear baby clothes anymore, thats always a plus. Im eating a butt load of peanut butter today because my asshole triner said I should always eat carbs and protein everytime I eat and that I should be eating atleast 5 times a day little things. I swear all that guy eats is fruits, nuts, berries and drinks water. Geezus dude live a little. Yeah hes on my shit list. One bad thing with me and your out, thats just how it is. Im a very sensitive gal. Katie told me that shes getting tougher and not taking shit from everyone as much anymore, well I did the opposite. I used to be a hardass and now I cry VERY easily at EVERYTHING. You look at me wrong, I cry, you say something wrong, I cry. Its sucks but Im trying to get back to my old me but she was kinda crushed with every comment I got with every pound I got. Everytime my pants size went up a little more of her went, but Im fighting my way back! You cant keep a bitch down forever cuz sooner or later Ill kick you in the nuts for touching me in the first place. Hehehe


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