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How do you spell botulism?

So I went ot my interview today. I think it went well. They said they want to hire more "ethnic" looking people at Bath and Body Works...Do you think I have a chance being a white blonde haired blue eyed chick? Yeah I think I do too. Im pretty ethnic.

Poor fatty had to get his pills again today and he pissed all over Marks leg. It was really sad. Now his fur is all stinky and hes really pissed off. I feel like a cat abuser. :-( Poor kitty. Only 5 more days left thank God.

Tomorrow I meet with Brazilian lady. I really hope shes cool and not a mail order bride. Thats just going too far in my book.

When I was riding my bike today to that interview for some reason I kept thinking about funny b words that make me laugh. Booger, burger (I really like that word...isnt it funny? Burger) boobies, beyonce, beidermeiyer, and the ever so popular botulism.

Why are you reading this crap? Dont you have a life? We all know I dont but theres hope for you. Stop reading this crap! Stop it! You can have a life! Go now! Be free on this crap that spews from my little brain........ or not I dont care.


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