Bob McGoogle

You saw my blinker BITCH! No, but you are still a stupid fuck.

Yeah I only pay you 600 bucks and you call me 10 mintues before I leave to meet you to workout? You cancelled 10 mintues before I left! Im gonna shove sausage down your throat and stick starving dogs up your butt. Grr Trainers.

So anypoop. Had a butt load of trouble with my DSL fucking Qwest assholes. Hey its only about 70 bucks a month and its not like they are gonna discount us for 2 days we lost so why should we be upset? They wonder why hackers break into their systems and crash it for fun. If I ever meet a person who works for Qwests DSl Im gonna stink palm them. Yup I surely will.

So I found out I have a jesus freak stalker. Yup thats right. It seems that me and about 30 other poor innocent lyrical whips have been found "guilty" by this freak. He talks about hunting down a little girl and killing a guy in NY. Sick huh? Of course I email Andrew about it, but do I hear anything from him? Fuck no. Oh well. I was going to pull my diary but I paid for a Gold Membership till December so Ill wait around till then then Im not going to re-new my membership if he hasnt fixed this. Hes going to start losing a lot of business if he doesnt take care of shit like this. I understand that this is a diary and that we leave ourselves open to assholes but do we have to worry about our lives being at risk due to a stalker like this sick fuck? No. Thats goes WAY fucking beyond freedom of speech. This guy needs to be removed NOW. No but's about it, he shouldnt be here to describe murdering people and now hes coming after us right? Bring it fucker thats all I have to say.

So back to my life. I didnt get any poon tang from my boyfriend, whom I live in sin with hehe, this weekend because I have strep throat. I think Im getting a cold also. I feel like poop today. But I did have fun watching the sky with my binoculars this weekend. I have a sky light upstairs in my apartment so I go up there and look out at the stars, and your windows..heheh no. Just kidding, that would make me a hypocrite like that sick f-er stalking my ass. I was trying to look at some stars but I cant see shitexcept planes, thats what you get when you get stuff from Dave and Busters huh? But it was still cool to look at. Oh yeah get this. Some stupid fuck backed into our car on friday..yes our PARKED car. What a dumb fuck. Atleast he went and found Mark at work to tell him he did it and junk. Most people would have taken off you know? So thats cool. I think Ill send him a note or something. Itll say.....

"Hey stupid fuck, thanks for backing into my car and making me waste a whole fucking sunday looking for a place our insurance company is making us go and having to rent a car for the week it will be in the shop. But Id also like to thank you for being a decent human being, we all could learn a thing or two from people like you. Idiot. "

To the point, nice but not too nice huh? Yeah it works for me. Now Im gonna workout tonight with Mark since a-hole guy canceled on me. Like how I changed subjects and went back to my first paragragh, an English teacher would shit.

I cant wait for Hallooween this year. OH yeah baby Im gonna wear Tigger again like in my profile pic, except this year Im not going to get my tail caught in the door and fall down when I try to walk away. That hurt my little paws.


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