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Pootie tang sa da te my main demaine

Guess what little girl you all know and love got a job finally? Thats right! Meeeeeee! Yup Bath and Body Works came through! Go get some stuff fromt hem and say thanks for hiring our little friend. More good news, Brazillian woman didnt just blow me off on Friday, she meant 8 PM not 8 Am but I ask you who works out at night? So shes supposed to call me tonight to hook up someother time to meet. Yay! Now Ill have 2 jobs! Yay!

Yet MORE good news, Im losing my weight finally! Everyone keeps saying how skinny my thighs look now and butt looks smaller and so does my waist (according to Marklar and Sidney my trainer.) So yay! cool huh? No more fatty ass wobblin down the stairs! No more fatty ass gettin lots of stares! Yay!

Even more good news, I got some much needed poon-tang from Marklar last night! It was very nice! Yay! Poon-tang is good. I like to tap that ass. Poon-tang is fun, Im gonna get me Yeah Im a song-ster today. My throat isnt that sre anymore I think Im getting over my cold. My ear hurts though, so I think my ear drum went bye bye again but thats to be expected when your me! What? Speak up sonny? Yellow? What did you say?

So anywho, I wonder how Miss Kat is enjoying Toronto? Id like to call her but I really want her to just chill and relax. Ill talk to her when she gets back. Whelp time to go, me hungee! Go get some poon youll thank me later.



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