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Deep thoughts by Leah Handy....

What you want me to be. I can never be want you want me to be, I am only me. I speak the truth. I hate what you want from me. Ill live my life the way I feel is right and its sure as hell not what you want from me. Yes I am a feminist, but why arent you? You never ask me how I feel about anything, when I talk about it, you stop me. Why? Are you afraid of what I say? Or are you afraid that you feel the same? Its easier to stay with tradition but I cannot live a lie like you. Theres more to me then what you allows yourself to see. But you will never see me because of your own fears of what I have to say about what you people hold so dear. I am angry at injustice. I feel rage at the world around me and what it is to be a woman. I am dissapointed in traditional women. My souls cries for them. I want to show them the light. I want to take off the blinder of lies told to them by those who went before us. I want the new generation to learn to stop this madness. I want to rip up your dress. I want to burn your gown you wear to symbolize your "purity". I want to stop you from being "giving away". You are not cattle. Your name is your own, not his. Your mind is brilliant. Your soul aches for what is right that youve been denyed for the sake of tradition.

I like to make waves in what you want to try to keep calm and happy. I hate what you have done to all of us with your decisions to remain with them. Dont be afraid to break this chain of lies we are told. There is no prince. Your life isnt based on if you marry and when you have off spring. They want so much from us. The expect. The obligation. Children being born from this, expectations and obligations. What has become of us? I bet Gloria thought all she had to do was say FREEDOM and we would rally, but it didnt happen did it? Only some HEARD her cries. We had felt them all along with her. What have you done? Youve been so brain washed you cant even see it. You think I go too far. Look in the mirror how good do you really feel about your life and decisions you made out of obligations? I cant help but me disgusted by you. You and your dresses and traditions make me sick. I tried to pretend that I could ignore this, but I cant. I tried to except that some women are still in the stone age, I cant. Everytime I kept my mouth shut and pretending like I gave a flying fuck that you are having a baby or following tradition my heart would sink a little more. I cant help how I feel and I know your brain washed mind cant help how oyu feel, but please dont try to shove your traditional crap down my throat and tell me that I should be married and when am I having kids. That just made my stomach churn. I am me and I love me. Im sorry for you that you cant even love yourself enough to keep your own identity.

This wasnt directed at anyone is particular, mostly a bunch of people getting on my nerves. But no I dont want a dress, thank you no. I never will. I wouls rather cut myself with a very sharp knife a thousand times all over my body first. Man I wish Honestyonly was on tonight, I could use some reinforcement of feminism right about now.


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