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If you pull out bloody boogers from your nose for 2 days..does that mean you pick it too much?

Yeah Im still pissed off at what was said yesterday. I have a really bad temper and yesterdays little entry didnt help me get it all out so I wrote a song....

Take that dress and shove it up your ass. Shove it up your ass. Shove it up your ass.

You want me like every other brainwashed chick, other brainwashed chick, other brainwashed chick.

You want me like everyother brainwashed chick who lives to marry a prince.

I want to smack all traditionalist, traditionalist, traditionalist.

I want to smack all you traditionalist bitches in the face.

Wake up from all the lies they told you, all the lies they told you, all the lies they told you and get a fucking clue.

I dont know the melody because it was a very angry song. So thats how I feel about your wedding dress you want me to wear. So now back to my life which is way more fun then that crap.

There is something wrong with my toliet. Everytime I flush they pop back up. Maybe they arent heavy enough? What causes it to be heavier then say, other poop that stays down?

I mean is there some kind of diet you must have to keep it heavy? Hmmm thats pretty wrong.

I have to say I fell in love with Mark a little more today. He got up on time without me yelling at him, he fed the cats so I didnt have to, and he took out the garbage so I didnt have to. WAIT and he emptied the garbage in the bathroom too, they always forget that one. Thats the way to my heart, take out the garbage without me telling you to. Man I love that boy. Hes gonna get a cookie tonight!

So Id like to say I found a very beautiful fellow soul sister, who I knew before but after talking to her, I had no idea how much we had in common. Shes the bomb. Its nice to know that my insane rantings are appreciated by someone other then Marklar. He loves my angry bitch attitude. He also likes when I stick my finger in his ass, but thats another story for another day.

Word to your overbearing, old fashioned, pissing you off till no end mother.


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