Bob McGoogle

God its Friday..again.

Usual Friday night when your a girl named Leah...

1. Drink all day from the time you get up because its funny to be drunk all day.

2. Spy on neighbors across hill with binoculars. Watch guy order pornos from Ebay on his computer.

3. Run around complex playing "Commandos" by myself while spying on everyone and drinking. I even have hat for my huh?

4. Realize how very much I need to get a life or find a friend here in Lakewood who isnt some crazy drugged out chick or someone who is all brainwashed by society OR someone who gets easily disgusted because hey lets face it, when a snapper fart has to come out, it comes out and its not quiet hence the name. Oh my Colorado friend..where art thou?

I may be looking in her windows..who knows? Naw Ill probably just watch tv.


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