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Sunday bloody crapper Sunday..ewe thats gross.

Yup theres a chat box down there. Im usually on from 10am Mountain Time to about 5pm everyday till October 30th when my lazy ass finally begins my new job. So until then feel free to stop by and fling pooh at me.

Yesterday Mr Marklar and I went to the mall to check out all the cool stuff we cant afford and we finally saw Signs. I liked it but it scared the poop out of Mark. Poor little guy, him was scared! Thats ok Ill protect him heheh. I kept getting really light headed at the mall and blacking out and its been happening today also, I wonder why? Maybe I just need to eat more. I hardly ate anything yesterday and today. Thats probably it. My throat has been sore for almost 5 days now. I wish it would just go the fuck away grr! Yeah Im whiney today cuz I feel like poop. I hope your Sunday is better, are you spending it with God or on the holy throne like me? Muhhahahhaha

Thanks Angela and Katie for keeping me company this weekend chatting, it was fun.


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