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Honey comb big yeah yeah yeah, its not small no no no.

So some freaky Jehovah's Witnesses came by today. I was running for the door cuz I thought it might be this lip gloss I ordered, oh yeah Mark..I found that lip gloss and ordered it. Hehe I forgot. Anyways, I answer the door and they are all like "Hello there young worshipper of God" and I was "What the hell? Didnt you people get it last time when I told you that my name is not from the Bible but from my dads old whore? Im not religious and Im fighting back every urge in my body to not rip off my clothes right here and start to masterbate with a cruicifix infront of you?" I guess that finally got them, they ran away. Yup so that was fun.

I love church folk. They are fun to play with :-)

Marks sick, Im sick its whiney city over here. Why yes we would like some cheese with our wine, thank you. My mom used to always say that to me, she still does..hmm.

Somebody needs to learn to remove head from sphincter, then answer the phone at Bath and Body Works. I called last week to just make sure that they meant October 30th, the girl said "Yes but they might need you October 13th cuz we will be changing the store around for the holidays." So that was twice I was told to start October 30th. Thank God I went in there yesterday to get some supplies. The girl that gave me the application was there and she was like "Ok we'll see you tomorrow night." So of course I was like what? Then shes all like "Yeah, September 30? 6 to 830 pm? Remember?" I told her what I had been told and she just giggled like "Oops thats weird." Dude I would have lost this job that took forever to find and your all just like oops? Grr stupid people. But whatever so I start tonight, which kind of rocks and kind of sucks. Rocks-because then Ill have more money for Christmas and junk, Sucks-because I feel like shit. Oh well you dont always get what you want unless your Mick Jaggar. Check out my box down there, I think youll find it very comfortable. Byee

Wish me luck tonight, they are VERY chipper people..ugh.


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