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Does anyone remember a show called Pinwheel that was on Nickolodeon? (I know I didnt spell that right but Im too lazy to go lookit up.) It was I guess either late 80's or early 90's cuz I was just a little kid. I thought it was the best show ever but no one seems to know what the hell Im talking about. Maybe it was never on, maybe I was so bored one day I invented it. Naw I doubt it, TV never dissapointed me :-) Well since a butt load of people emailed, and signed my guestbook saying they knew what I was talking about now I dont feel crazy so thank you. Id also like to mention others Ive been trying to find and today I DID! The Little prince VHS Fraggle Rock VHS The World of David the Gnome VHS Today's Special Can you believe I found all of these? They were on Ebay! If I wasnt so poor Id buy all of them! Those are all my favorites from when I was a kid! I cant believe I remembered them! Well except Fraggle Rock, Angela remembered that, I loved the Doozers! They were so friggin cute! If you can remember anymore let me know ok? Oh wait The Gummy Bears! Man Im on a nostalgic role today!


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