Bob McGoogle

You cant do that on tv Mister!

Did you ever see those shows on HBO about the stuff that other countries show on tv? Last night I was watching this show with RUpaul as the narrator. It was about shows that have nudity in them. You wouldnt believe whats on at prime time in some countries, even in Canada! It got me thinking, why does the US hide nudity so much if other countries are so willing to show it?

Or maybe I should be asking....

Do you really need to be naked to do the news? Do the host and players on a show need to be butt naked running around? Does a childrens show need naked little kids running around? And its not like thses people are all beautiful, mostly they are normal people, not air brushed twigs we girls are supposed to aspire to be like which is impossible because even they dont look that good. Makes you wonder whos go tthe better idea, us or them?


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