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Im only editing to explai a few things... other then that the message stays the same. oh yeah I can take it thank you very much.

Well Im back. I got bored with Dland for awhile so I took a few days off. You guys are fucking pussies! You traditionalist, you wouldnt even try to explain your side! Hahhahah man that just proves you must be ashamed to be traditional as you should be.

Lightening struck my brain the other day. I was talking to Ang about our fem views and how she would like to get married one day which I know is because of being trained to believe that that is what you want. heheh But would you buy a car without checking out its history? Not unless your a dumbass. Which Im not saying Ang is AT ALL im talking about other people who go in blindly. shes a smart cookie who has actually educated herself about this stuff but being programmed takes a lot to undo the damage that was done for your whole life like we women have had done. So why then do people get married without looking into the history of it? Then I was thinking ok it obiviously because they are trained to believe in the romantic notion that its all flowers and beautiful like that wedding crap. Well atleast I educate myselkf before I jump off and do something that life altering. Plus all you EVER hear about marriage is horrible things, being locked in, having to go home to the wife, the wife makes me do this the wife makes me do that, as if men are perfect or some shit, I hate seeing her face everyday, we have kids now, we never sleep, we are broke all the fucking time, we have to lock out channels on our own fucing tv, we dont have sex anymore if we do its because I begged her, my husband keeps getting fatter, hes lazy, he never hepls me out. So why get married? Sounds like getting a knife in the forehead would be more fun. Then I thought why not try to stop stupid people from getting married until the "brain damage" or youth as its called, has subsided just a little. Why not raise the legal age to marry in every state to 21? And with that raise voting, military service, buying cigarettes, and raise driving to 18 which I know some states are already doing. Divrce would go down because less kids would be getting married. And I mean no more 16 year olds getting mom and dad to sign anything so a knocked up girl and boy can get married so the baby isnt a "bastard" which never works anyways. And that term BASTARD IS SO FUCKING OUT OF DATE IT RIDICULOUS. So yeah I think nothing but good would come from raising the legal age to get married at to 21. Your older, a little more mature, you have a little more time to be a goddam kid! And your marriage might last once youve experienced a little of life. Im sorry but 18 is way too fucking young, what the hell are you people thinking? Come you traditionalist, you wouldnt talk about why you arent a feminist so atleast say why you enjoy being married off when you are children, well some of you. And before you get your panies in a bunch I mean not all traditionalist get married so young ok? Settle down. Legal age of marriage to 21? Yay or Nay and why? Open up the goddamn flood gates, here come the traditionalist. i believe i say right there mike..thr godam flood gates not goddam tradionlist. if i have to be labled then so should they. My family seems to think Im not allowed to have my own opion or that I "Go too far" I never said a man should be hung for his beliefs or because he wants his wife to have his lastname, i just dont agree at all with that. I do understand that some do though. I can dish it out this i know and yes I can take it hence open up the goodam flood gates. I say it like that becaus eof those crazies Ill get who will email to say im going to burnin hell for what i said and not wanting to get married. If youve never read a book or talked to someone about why they feel a certian way or ask questiosn like I do, then you cant complain about them or attack theor views. I have traditionalist friends and people on here who are educating me and helping to mold my views to be more PC for you people who think I go too far. I understand that women like to get married but all I ask of you now is to ask yourself why? really and truely why? And make sure it isnt because yout family or society says that you are supposed to. This diary is for MY questions to understand things I do not know about. If we cannot even discuss these things then things like sexism and racism and all the other isms continue. I want us to chat about it, help me to understand your side thats all. Until them Ill keep asking why this or why that but im not going tohold your hand and just sit there. Iwill come back and challenge every reason you have as I expect you to do to me to get down to the real reason why you are the way you are. Thats what I want to know. It is a world of feminism and tradionalist whether we hate the titles or not they are there. Take them away and they are still. Its about different views. Different views..are you with me? Michael never even bothered to really read what I was trying to do he just jumped dpwn my thraot and tols me I was wrong and called me names. So yes, i know we are always linked by blood but that doesnt mean shit. I dont have to eat your shit or listen to you put me down for feeling different and tryint o invoke discussion. I meant every word I do not want to hear from you ever again. Not because you are a tradionalist and I a fememist but because you never even bothered to ask those questions to me before you went off. What do you care? You dont know anything about me none of you do, youve never cared to ask. I atleast ask. So anyone else who would like tro discuss anything really come on Im all ears. Im not afriad to discuss anything, just ask honestyonly, she asks the best questions!

Im all for a Brave New World thank you. :-)


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