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Open up the flood gates, Im gonna get yelled at yet again..

Im starting to get into Krav Maga. If your a girl I highly suggest you look it up. This is the perfect defense for women to use against anyone that weighs more then you. Its your advantage to be smaller! Yes! Finally! I believe that every woman should have atleast the basic knowledge of self defense and this shit is the bomb!

Im still trying to get more Fraggle Rocks and soon Ill be going after Polkadot Door along with David the Gnome, The Little Prince and Pinwheel. Jealous? Yeah I would be too if I didnt have dsl to get all these. Man Im a jerk. But you guys love me right?

Im almost done with the History of the Wife. Man did it open my eyes to a lot of lies I had been fed my whole life. You should read it. In fact you women SHOULD read all kinds of books like the Feminine Mystique but I know you wont because you have been fed this lame as crap your whole life and dont want to bother looking into where it came from how it started or why you are married and have 2.5 kids at 19. Well thats fine but do us all a favor and DONT have girls. God I dont want you passing your old "facist" beliefs on a new generation of twits born and BRED to believe that they are only here to get married, lose their identity,serve a man and have off spring. We've had enough of that thank you and goodnight!

Actually no. I really do want to hear from you old fashioned gals. Please help me to understand WHY YOU ARENT A FEMINIST? Is it because you believe a feminist is a sterotypical lesbian(which some are but most are not), or man hater we are not. Or you believe we hate children or marrige? We do not. (I do but most dont) You think we want to "destroy the institution of the American family"? We dont. We just want the barriers that are left and believe me there are still many brought down. Equal pay for the same job, no more "man is the head of the household SHIT, no more sexual objectification of us EVERYWHERE, no more forced slavery to your man like being expected to have off spring and a fucking BOY at that(sorry but that really offends me especially with like what happens to girls born abroad.), no more losing our identities have him change his fucking name if you HAVE to marry him, give the children your last name why must it always be his? Is your name not good enough?, no more feeling like we must fit into a certain shape or stay a size zero after having a few kids..NOT POSSIBLE OK GUYS?, cleaning and cooking on our own you can help out just as much as we do, basically we want to treated with the same respect guys give eachother and themselves. We are not higher then one another but rather equals, thats all we want. Does that sound so bad? Now tell me, how can you as a woman or teenager NOT be a feminist? I want truthful answers ok? Please lets get this out in the open. Ive shown you my side ok traditionalist, show me yours.


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