Bob McGoogle

Milk goes with pussy?

Mark wants to be the Milk Guy for Halloween from those commercials "What goes with pie? Milk! Milk!" You know that annoying guy who tells everyone to drink milk? Well Im making him the costume and I wanted to make sure it looks exactly like that guy. But I dont know the name of the actor who played him even thought I know he was the cop in Dude Where's My Car? That accidently impounds their car, remember? Well the milk website didnt have shit about tit and neither did google when I looked up milk guy or anything else I couldn think of. And yes, I looked up every name of every guy actor that I could find that was in that movie, no help there. So finally I open up Kazaa and see if maybe I can download the commercial right? I typed in "milk guy", then a bunch came up! I was so excited! Just make sure I didnt get a shabby one I picked about 4 of them to download. When they were all done I opened one up and what did I see? A chick getting it in her ass while some prego whore milked in the guys mouth who was doing the chick. Gross! Then the rest of them were all giz ones and other sicko shit. Man this world if a fucked up a place when milk becomes sexual.


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