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Badgers! We dont need no stinking Badgers!

My car getting hit was the BEST fucking thing to ever happen to us I swear. So now we get a huge check for like 900 bucks and we got a new muffler and we bought a new back light with 750 to spare! Ha! Here comes Christmas money! Yes! I told you! Pray on the toliet, God listens better like when you pray for christmas money hehehehe. We got our awesome fish tank workign again, Ill post pics A-SAP ok Milton?

I got a prize at work last night at our meeting for giving 48 hand demos of our new spa line in 4 hours! Damn Im good. Props to Leah! This will help getting me more hours plus I had a customer compliment! Yay! Ill be getting a prize for that too! Yay! The only way to get hours is by having really high sales and having great cuystomer service so I have to bust my ass which is fine Ill kick all their asses at it. Im making the oldies (thats what we call the associates who have been there for a while since they call us newbies grr) look awful and they are beginning to resent me but they can eat it I need money! Ill stomp you all out! Ha! Try to beat me! Yeah...So anyways,

Next week end is this new Christmas movie I cant wait to see yay! Shut up I like Tim Allen! Then the next weekend its Harry Potter! YES!

It blows, Mark already knows he getting a Play Station 2 for Christmas. We live in the same house and have only one car and I dont drive to so that I can save precious Colorado lives. I bought him a butt load of used games on Amazon. You wouldnt believe how cheap you can get it if oyu dont care about fucking clear wrap on it. Im getting brand new games up to 75% off then what you pay! HA! Eat me. I got Grand Theft Auto 3 for 20.00 bucks! Hhahahaha! Go amazon! So yeah if you wanna save money and the person you are buying for isnt a whiney bitch then get used games and you can get them more! Who cares about celapahne? I have no idea how to spell that by the way, but you get my drift. So my advice for today is buy used games, dont be a sucker. :-)


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