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Holey shit! Hes on fire!

Crazy Wednesday night. We're cleaning out the fish tank, when all of a sudden the lights go out for like 10 blocks all around us. Pitch black. We light candles to see what we are doing so we can finish cleaning the tank, when dumbass Tadapoo jumps on top of a candle and sets himself on fire! I was screaming and Mark was beating the flames down. We ran around like crazy throwing on clothes to drive Tad to the hospital. We finally get there, they shave his belly and thank God, hes ok. It didnt even burn his skin. They give him some pain medicine and we head home. What a night. Stupid electricity! Ill get your for makign my cat burn himself! That was so freaky. Ive never felt that fear before in all my life. It was like me body just took over and reacted cuz I couldnt think. All I could do is grab him and run the 20 miles if I had to. It was the weirdess feeling Ive ever had. I love my cats, and yes its like they are my children. I bet you didnt think you could love your pets that much but when they get hurt, those mother instincts kick in just like they did when Bob was lost and I found him in an abandoned building. There was no way for me to fit in so out of nowhere when I heard him cry I got this energy that ran through me and I lifted up this huge wooden door to the building all by myself. Later on I went backt ot try to open it and I couldnt. Me and my friend with together couldnt open it! It was fucking heavy! I dont know what happened to me that day but its like with Tad, I cant really explain the feeling I had. Ill have pics up of his shaved fur tonight.

Now onto other junk. Im working tonight but first I have a docvtors appointment. I hate crotch look see's appointments. Ewewewewewewewe. Dont like being naked and being touched gross.

Those bastards are gonna die. I was balling my eyes out listenign to Holly or H.G. talk about her nightmares and how horrible her life is now. There are monsters out there, they are real. They can look just like normal people but inside they are pure hate. Never forget that, they do exist.

Have a good day. Squeeze the people you love, and never take your life for granted cuz it can be taken from you so fast. Have fun burning in hell you fuckers Jonathan and Reginal Carr. I hope it hurts when you are killed, I really do.

Everybody else say YAY! ITS FRIDAY!


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