Bob McGoogle

I hate Aimee so much last night I flicked a boog in her hair, what a bitchassfacebutthole. I know how mature right?

I dont have to work today! Nah nah na na nahhhhh! Today is 9 Shares Colorado Cares so get all your old coats and clothes and non parishable foods together and help poh people get some grub and stay warm.

Tadapoo is doing fine. His fur is growing back good and hes been upgraded to frisky kitty. (He ripped the toliet paper off the roll today and chased it all over the house clawing at it, now THAT was fun to wake up to today!)

Bob is good, still psycho. Marklar is good but stressed, he had to go into work today to try to get more done on this project thing today. Im good but I need to get some more bandaids. Last night at work I sliced and diced my fingers up doing stock, stupid BBW!

Yeah thats it for now. I know! Not all of mine can be gold ya know! Geez!


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