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Lordy lordy she took his name in vain again...sheesh

I seriously do not feel good right now. My sinuses are pounding and I feel really light headed and this stupid fucking headache wont quit. Goddamit I hate having sinus infections.

To Sage Advice-Everybody gets their heart broken ATLEAST once in their lives. True you have been hurt a lot by the girlies but you cant say its over when you never know what tomorrow will bring. Im tired of you people who live your lives for your girl or guy. Are you not worthy to live because she broke up with you? FUCK THAT SHIT. I hate to get all jesus on you but its true, whenever God closes a door he/she/it opens a window. Tomorrow is another day, just get through today and maybe youll feel differently tomorrow. Remember your not alone, we have all felt like this at one point and no this isnt pity. Im telling you to stop being a chode, value your life or no one else will and jesus christ would you listen to us from now on when we tell you to stay away from certain people? Your radar is far too fucked up to pick a nice person to get down with. Geez. :-) Tough love baby! Tough love.

Oh yeah and all need to read becausew the woman just plain speaks the truth. Why dont we discuss "The big lie"? Repression sister, repression. Its like racism, no one wants to talk about it EVER! Its a stupid dumbass fucking taboo like that. You need to chat with my good friend, shes got a lot of interesting things to add to your topic. I have to fart. Stinky.


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