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Come to BBW! I should paid for this advertising shit.

I told Sarah my boss at work yesterday about the PS. She was a little shocked but she didnt say anything rude or judgemental about it. She saw my modeling pictures and she said she could understand why. Im terrified. Every aspect scares me but what scares me more then that is not doing it. Ive dreamed of this since I was VERY young. Its not society telling me to do it, ask my dad. I asked him for it when I was 12 he said we'll talk when your 18, at 18 he said no. Figures. Its just something that has always bothered me and I want to fix it and I can so why not? People put such a stima on it though and thats why I feel like I must lie at work about it. Im NOT ashamed of it but workign with a bunch of young girls who are strangers to me isnt the best place to ass controversy. No one but Mark AND ANGELA! (Sorry chicky I forgot to put you but I know in my heart that you have never once judged me for it and you have always understood, thank you:-)seems to really get it and how deep this scar in me goes. I guess people just assume its vaintiy and its something I pulled from my ass. Well its not, Ive been thinking it over for years. I just wish people could accept that Im making my own choice here and they can love me no matter how I look or get the fuck away from me. Try to open your mind a little about PS the next time you hear someone wants to get something done. Who are you to judge them? Besides, common sense says if you hate something and you can fix it so that you wont cringe everytime you look into the mirror then..WHY THE FUCK WOULDNT YOU? Duhhhh. Seriously people with their stupid views piss me off to no end.

I feel like poop again today. Id call off work but I want/need the hours and I feel weird calling off. Besides Im not dying I just have a super bad sinus headache that BBW only helps to make worse with all the goddamn smells. Yes all those scents get to us too. Heres our sales for this week. I think Ill be posting them so you all know about it since we dont advertise

1. All pleasures or Daily beauty rituals like shower gel and even the holiday scents are buy 3 get one free and yes that does include the silk collection.

2. Big glass candles that correspond with scents and even holiday scents are half off with any purchase. So a 17 dollar candle becomes about 8.50 not bad?

3. Body sugar in Aroma therapy is 50% off with any purchase. That shit is the bomb. I use it on my feet and body everyday so Im silky smooth! Its also great cuz the sugar is better then salt cuz it wont dry out your skin like salt naturally does and it leaves a coating on your skin too! Sweet. I love Jasmine Vanilla but Euca. Speariment is good too.

4. Antibac is still by 3 for 10 bucks even hoilday scents

5. A super good coupon just went out for 10 dollars off any 25 dollar purchase in store or 15 off of 50...not too shabby.

So go visit your Bath & Body Works and get loaded up for yourself or Christmas. If your in the Lakewood Colorado area come to my store so oyu can say hi. Im not wearing piggy tails anymore but Im still a short blonde girl who is super chipper cuz I work for super chipper people who will torture us if we arent. HELP US! They whipped me unmercifully yesterday for not selling enough body wash! Wahhhhhhhh

Poop. I dont feel good.


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