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Does anyone actually call her "Jenny"? Yeah I didnt think so.

I felt so bad today that I called off. Yes the girl who is a total money grubber called off. I thought I was dying. I could only think of one person to call and whine to who would actually care to listen, my mommy. She always knows what to say:-) She yells at me for buying her too much at Christmas but she doesnt realize its just a small way I can try to make up for all the bad years when she had to pay for her own presents or fear that some dickhole would take them away the first fight they got into. It makes me feel good to buy her stuff so I listen to her bitch and I say "Yes mom, Ill tone it down this year." But I never do. I cant. I miss my family right now. Im beginning to forget how my mom smells. Weird huh? Whenever I smell her lotion or soap or even powder, it feels like home, man Im one fucked up chick, she did way too many drugs in the 70's, sheesh. Just kiddin Ma! I know you only did crack a few times.:-) I miss my brothers and me having gross conversations about poop and mucus to make mom grossed out which she hardly gets anymore after all these years. All moms food. Mike holding me down to crack my toes. Josh ripping on me all day. Good times. I wonder if its weird for them too? I guess I dont see myself as a vital part of that circle since I left except with them on an individual basis. Well I do miss you guys. Its like JLo said shes from the block and Im from Michigan, you can take me out but theres always a part still there. I love JLo and her ghetto ass. You rule Jennifer!


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