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If you leave your dog in your vehicle for more then 2 mintues alone I want you to be punched in the fucking crotch.

My poor little boy hamster is dying and its breaking my heart cuz I cant fix it or ease his pain.

Yes I did mean that. This weekend while we were out and about, I noticed about 6 different dogs left in cars, alone, with no water or air for atleast an hour at a time. You fucking people who mistreat your animals make me fucking sick. NOTHING hurts me more then people who abuse their pets. You think they will be ok because its warm out right. WRONG fucking answer asshole. This year a woman left her kids in her car for half a fucking hour with no water and the windows rolled up and they fucking died. What the fuck do you think will happen to somehtin covered in fucking fur? Yup you got it asshole, it will die. OR you fucking idiots think that because they have fur and its cold out that they wont mind it right? WRONG fucker! They get cold just like we do and when you leave a dog in a car with no heat they will freeze. Ever notice how much more fucking colder it is in your car when you get in it in the morning? Thats right dick fuck, the air gets trapped and becomes even colder because there is no sun light warming it. DUH! So please, leave your pets at home where they belong! DO NOT take them to the store or anywhere, even a few mintues can kills them ok people? Jesus Christ! Dont even get me started on people who hit their animals and NO it isnt ok for discipline! It seriously breaks my heart to see those poor dogs locked in cars, alone cold or hot, scared and just waiting for their people to come back. God you people make me sick. We were in target for like an hour and that goddamn dog was still in that truck when it was frickin freezing out. He was shivering. I should have busted in their fucking windows and took him home. Sorry for all my anger, Im heart broken and it hurts. But the truth still remains that its wrong to mistreat animals, even if you dont know your doing it. Goodnight.


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