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So Leah, hows it going?

You know you fucking annoy me you stupid cunt ass whore with your stupid condescending smile and tone of voice. You speak down to me like Im a fucking moron and think I will eat your shit cuz you are my boss, wrong asshole! Wrong. I will stab you to death or poop on your face whichever sounds good to me you silly silly whore. Too many things annoy me and you dont want to be on that super long list. It starts with fucking BET which fucking infuriates me beyond fucking belief with its yo yo and word to your motha shit ass off the chain speak fucking english or I will shit in your mouth Trent Lott you fucking weasle dickless whore. "I am not a racist but I think an old crusty digusting wrinkle should have one the ticket and kept segregation?" Oh no! Then there wouldnt be what..BET? Fuck! What do we do! Trent your a pussy and I want to poop on you. Either you are or you arent make up your mind asshole. More annoying things...Fucking asshole naive people. You fucking annoy me to the point where I want to stab you in the fucking face. You know what a hummer is and I know youve sucked dick. You loved it so shut the fuck up. Your a whore, you just didnt know it. Stop your crying! I fucking hate when you cry it makes me want to beat you! Do you want me to give you something to cry about? Old fashioned ANYTHING! Stop comforming to what THEY want! Fuck you old fashioned chicks piss me off! FUCK OFF! DIE! Seriously fucking die now! Stop what a plague you are to the female sex and our advances, die please! Take your dream of the white picket fence and shove it up your ass and die. I want to burn your dream dress in front of you and watch you cry! Ha! DIE! I dont want to sell you soap stop rolling your fucking eyes at me! I have to sell atleast 200 an hour or I get shit from the backyard pussy whore who ran away from home with mom and dads worst nightmare a black guy, then got dumped then got knocked up by a pepsi delivery guy! EAT SHIT! I dont care what you want to get for Suzie, buy it and GET THE FUCK OUT! Stupid fucking DSL that wont work! Why did I have to reboot the fucking computer 3 times today! WHY FUCK YOU WHY? We pay through the fucking goddamn nose for it and you wont work? FUCK YOU! I hate you! Its 60 fucking degrees in December! WTF? Its supposed to be snowing and stupid fucking idiots think Colorado is cold? Your dumb! Fucking dumb! Im super nervous and scared of pain fuck me! I have to do it or Ill regret not doing it for the rest of my life fuck me for being weak. Fuck being broke all the fucking goddamn time! You make a shit load and we are always broke fuck it! Fuck this gut I cant get rid of! Fuck it! I miss my tiny 17 inche stomach I have to lose 4 more inches so that can fuck off too! I will get there you asshole who say you lose your metabolism as you age Im 23 fucking years old, when does it start 12? FUCK YOU! Your jealous cuz you could NEVER be that small so eat my asshole clean! Fuck you this weekend. Taking my dress thinking I wouldnt break into your goddamn store and kick your teeth in you stupid fucking dumbass immigrant who cant even speak a fucking word of english but you own a store? What? How the hell did that happen chicha? You dumb fucking asshole! Im tired of it! I want some tea and to go to bed. Whew. Now I feel better. Stressful couple of days and less then a month to go. Sanity hanging on by a thread, but well...Im good. Poop.:-)


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