Bob McGoogle

Im sleepy and a little chilly.

Ok ok! Ill admit it! Im a lazy bastard! I keep sleeping in and today I got up at 9 ate some oakymoke, then took a nap! Hhahaha Man I love being lazy. I cant work out for a week or do laps so I have all the excuses I need to lay around and get fatter. Ugh. This thing is still int here I checked. Its really weird feeling inside all your junk, kinda gross. I can see why guys are afraid of it. I wouldnt do it, thats nasty in there, theres all your guts and shit just sitting there. Like totally and fo real. Valley girl, love it. I have to go poop and take a shower to go sell you people crap you dont need or want but you cannot resist buying because of my enthusiasm for it. You can never escape the little bubbley blonde! Try! Ha ha! You cant resist me! Hhah! Buy you stupid people, buy my soaps!

God I hate that place a little more everyday, look what they did to me!


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