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Long car ride......

Driving in the car my mind drifted away. I found myself thinking of Samantha Runnion the little girl who was kidnapped in front of her house screaming for her mom then taken to a field and raped repeatedly then murdered. Then the little girl who was locked in a closet for years and starved till she weighed 25 pounds I think her name was Anna. She was raped and hidden in a closet...

From court tv

The malnourished child weighed 25 pounds when rescued from the trash- and feces-strewn closet of a Hutchins trailer in June 2001. Prosecutors said the abuse had been going on for five or six years.

A doctor also testified that the girl had been sexually abused so badly she needed surgery. Kenneth Atkinson was not tried on a sexual abuse charge, but prosecutors say they may yet do so.

I thought about her then my mind drifted to Holly from the Wichita Massacre. And how damaged her voice sounded. A beaten animal. Sometimes I think how wonderful life is and then I remember that there are monsters out there just waiting for us. Yes every woman from everywhere in the world young and old must fear the monsters. They come for us. The stats prove it. One in 5 women will be sexually assalted in her life..1 in 5..count 5 female friends you have, chances are 1 of them wil be raped. Men cannot understand how horrible it is to be afraid to go to your car at night and alone. They do not understand what it is like to be prey. They see no harm in having the women in magazines and tv half naked and being the victims. The harm it does if I have to spell it out for you is that it makes us look like the prey and weaker of you and the "thing" you objectify us to be. We no longer seem human but a thing you must control and ravage. So while you sit and jerk off to your porno or go to the titty bar think of your mom or sister and how we are among those you objectify, maybe not by you, but everything your doing to other women hurts us too. We belong in the 1 in 5 group of women to be raped in our lifetime. Your magazines dont hurt anyone do they? No sure they dont, whatever you have to tell yourself. Your commercials with mostly naked women dancing around doesnt hurt does it? Tell that to Samantha or Anna or maybe Holly. They were seen as objects that haunt me. Ill never let my guard down ever because Im a woman and I cannot. I live in a world where men treat us as objects and objects have no feelings. We are just there to amuse you right? How will you feel when your wife is raped? Chances are one day she will be or maybe your daughter. How will you feel about your pornos and magazines then? Dont seem so appealing. Yes I know men arent all to blame. My mind also drifted today to a case about a couple in Canada that liked to drug women even the wifes own sister and take turns raping them then killing them. They would video tape raping and killing them. Then the wife when she murdered her sister dressed in her clothes and sucked her husband while he taped it. Months after the sister was dead they were acting like she was her dead murdered sister to get off her husband. They went to the funeral and cried over the loss and everything. She even went to the police after he beat her ass and told them he was the psycho who made her do it, but the cops thank God found the tapes. She was laughing and smiling while she took part in drugging and raping and murdered those women. So yes I know its not just men. Evil is all around us. No I wont live in fear but my guard is never down. I am the prey and I am the one they hunt. All women but I seem to be the highest statistic. Im the right age group, race, and even fucking hair color. So no dumb blondes and Pamela Andersons dont hurt us do they? No they only hurt me. Im the prey of pyschos and I blame all of you. This is a sick fucking world and you hurt it everyday with the commercials and beer ads with the bikini girls. When you stop buying it they will stop making it and maybe one day we women wont be the prey anymore and we can truely be equal because then we can move up to human status. Yes your husband who reads those magazines and is such a wonderful father to your little girl is still the hunter dont kid yourself.


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