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Im obscessed with the Dixie Chicks

Yes Leah likes country. I cannot believe it! The one music I always say I hate when poeple ask me what my tastes in music are..hehe funny huh? Im such a dill hole. Im a hypocrite but you can eat me. I love the Dixie Chicks! Dammit I do. Eat poop. I accidently downloaded this song from them and now I play it over and fucking over again there are 2 acually that I just love. I love all their stuff like Die Earl but I love Top of the World and Sometimes I wake up Crying. They eat at me. I love Top of the World the best. It makes me feel empowered. Weird. I love music. My dad bought me classical tapes when I was a lot younger. He told me that the doctors told him and Mom they didnt think my ears would last too much longer and he wanted me to learn the classics. I wish I could remember where the fuck those tapes are. Sheesh what a potty mouth. That was one of the only times he was a Dad. The other day he told me I dress provocative..anyone who knows me has got to be laughing their asses off right now..pajama pants girl. Ha! I wear them everywhere, with stupid t-shirts that say shit like "Im not handicapped, Im just lazy" or "SometimesI pee when I laugh"..does that sound provocative to you? Oh BTW theres huge tea stain on my t-shirt right now..very provocative. Eat me.

ps. Theres more changes coming to my diary keep an eye out..ewe thats gross just check back ok asswhip? Oh yeah..not enough people have called my cell phone since I got it so yes Im going to post it. If you want to chat with me call k? Yup I stole it from Echnobaby, shes awesome. 720-936-7731 please dont be a jerk but if you must then thats what I get for posting my cell phone number on the web, what an idiot.:-)


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