Bob McGoogle

It could be your mom or sister or even your own grandma. We as women face this shit every fucking day.

Hey! Im a busy woman! Eat it! So to all of you who miss me or just want someone to laugh at to make your own life seem better you can eat my ass cuz its crunch time folks. Im getting paper's and deadlines thrown at me all all at once so Im a little busy. Why dont you amuse yourself and go into my older pages or "History of my Mullet" and find out who the real Leah is ooohhhhhhhh, or just stop reading my page for a few days cuz Im not going to be saying to much other then "Oh God, Oh God please kill me" and of course "What the hell have I done to myself." Ill try to update but Im seriously swimming in it right now. Oh yeah, the hives are getting better, they gave me pills to take I can chill out and super duper suped up benedryhl, yeah baby......its puddin time. I am going to be updating folks, but just not as articulate fucker as I usually eat me do. So youll just have to suck my dick to find out. Man Im smooth. I will leave you with one thought for today and it goes out to all you guys out there. Next time you see a woman alone, maybe at night in a parking garage, ask yourself "Is she worrying about being attacked and/or raped?" Probably. Kinda freaky huh?


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