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Happy birthday Leah

How the hell do you respond to something so mean like that? You read a sentence I wrote for a paper and asked me where I took it from? You accuse me, your girlfriend of plagarism and then wonder why I get angry? "I just didnt think you could write a sentence like that." What the fuck does that mean asshole? Im too fucking dumb to write a sentence worthy of you and your praise? What do you think, that you write better then me? Just because your a fucking nerd and came from upper-middle class family and went to private schools that daddy paid fordoesnt mean shit. No, that doesnt make you smarter then me. How dare you accuse me of stealing my work from other people. There is no greater insult to me then being unintelligent. Its all I have. I know Im fat and ugly but my brain is what Ive always had and you just took it. You read it and straight out of your mouth was "Where did you get this from?" I aked what you meant, then you go and say, "I thought you took it out of a book or something." THEN you go even futher with the comment of "I didnt think you could write like that." How more demeaning can you get? Jesus I knew you were judgemental and extremely critical of everyone and thing but I didnt know you were so cruel. There is no forgiving for that comment. I will never forgive it or forget it, I cant. It was the worst put down of my life and it came from you. No wonder I broke out in hives all over my body, I knew you would be judging my work! You, the consumate perfectionist with your snickering of anyone who does anything different then you would! You just reaffirmed my own insecurities that I wasnt as smart as you because I didnt get all A's in college. Well some of us were forced to work tons of hours to live, unlike you who had daddys money. You used my insecurites to make yourself feel more intelligent then me. You took something and through it in my face and called me a thief without ever even considering that it was my own work. How dare you. You said that you never realized it because you hadnt seen it from me before but why is that Mark? Maybe because I put my life on hold for you for 3 goddamn years so you could get your career going. I left my home, my friends, and my school for you! Would you have done the same for me if the tables were turned? I know for a FACT you wouldnt have. You would have seen it as wrong to stop your schooling but of course it was ok for me now I know why, you thought I was fuckign moron. I saw you sleeping in classes and never once did I question how you got straight A's sleeping through the entire course, I just believed in you and your abilities. I know now you never did in me. So what am I? You dumb house whore? Someone whom you only have a relationship with because you think Im funny or you need somethign to stick your dick in and the hole in the wall is getting old? But of course not smart. God I hate you right now so much I dont know how Ill ever get past this. It hurts too much, and even more so because today is my birthday which you ruined. I dont want to see you or hear from you for awhile because now since you started this horrible shit I have to figure out how its going to end. Thank you, this is exactly what I needed today. I dont want to talk to anyone. I just want you to leave. This hurts too much to talk about anymore.


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