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Another entry later of my re-do birthday

I cannot believe how sweet you all are. Thanky ou for the emails telling me how much you care for me and my brain also:-) Its hard to try to move on when someone cuts you down like that but I will because Im strong. Mark has a lot of issues with a mother who likes to verbally bash him every chance she gets. He knows what he has to do to begin to heal, confront her if only for his own sake of unloading back to her what she did and how wrong it was. They never say what you want to hear but you have to for your own sanity tell them they were wrong. Maybe after that we can begin on us and his treatment towards me. The cycle has to be broken and Ive tolerated verbal abuse from too many people for far too long, not anymore. This is all I can take. Eventually you reach your limit and then you snap. Im at my breaking point now. He knows this, hes promised to do what needs to be done. If he doesnt Ill be fine without him because Im not a needy person who HAS to have a boy to feel whole. I know Ill be perfectly fine on my own. And thats all Ill say about that:-) Oh yeah heres the sentence you all kept askign about...DO NOT COPY OFF OF ME DAMMIT! Hheheh "The polyphonic layers of this piece made the texture of the flutes, the harp and the strings form a perfect blend of dynamic sound which begins piano(soft) then crescendo, then back to piano. " Yes it is my own but it was more of just plugging in vocab words from the book. Im a good writer and I know it, but how can you automatically say I cheated without even the slightest doubt that it was my own? Thats just wrong.


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