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Stupid fucks who dont bother to read anything...this is for you. Educate yourself before you fucking protest.

Why do you keep asking me what I think of the war? I dont want to get into it. Too many freaks out there on both sides that will freak out. Well..that never stopped me. I say blast away US troops! See I actually do reading and research why we should or should not go to war. If you read any real books or reports from like BBC or PBS you'd know that Germany trained the Iraqi bastards how to fight and use chemical weapons and all that good junk. We knew about it. You'd know Russia has a lot of money in Iraq in the form of oil companies, we knew that too. We knew we couldn't help the Kurds with all the health problems they are having since their sick FUCK of a dictator unleaseshed them on his own the only video of it on We knew that too. We also knew that the Kurds would be pissed off when we couldn't make due on a promise to help them medically wise even though we promised them we would. (No wonder people hate our foriegn poilices.) But all in all that dick has tons of shit that is just coming to light now. He's a sadistic fuck who needs to be taken out. I support dickhole Bush, not on everything he does but on this, he's right. Saddam has to go. All you free loving hippies should know that to truely live in a free society you cannot live under the constant threat of the devil. I know war sucks and all that but Ill grow some fucking balls and take a stand here unlike a lot of you peace fucks who cannot shut the fuck up for 2 seconds to realize whats going on. Saddam is a sick fuck. So is our own government I know but our government doesnt use weapons on us or other people unless provoked. Yes Saddam prokvoked us. Was I the only one watching the UN meetings? He wouldnt admit shit or destroy ANYTHING until the very last second of a deadline even then he was only doing the minimal. We've known for years what he has and we didnt stop him, thats our bad. But now we can. Listen dicks, HE HAS CHEMICAL WEAPONS and other weapons of mass destruction. Wheres my proof you ask you fucking hippy? Look at this. He just destroyed a bunch you assface! Where the fuck did they come from the sky? Those were weapons of mass destruction! Come on! You think thats all he has you stupid naive fuck heads? Jesus grow up. And chemical? Well lets see, theres butt load of Kurds who are dying each year from massive tumors, nerve damage and skin think the Kurds just woke up one morning and found out they were dying? Saddam did it you fuck. Look I'm not all for war cuz it kills people and it costs money, BUT if we can eliminate a sick fucker like that I'm right there cheering for it. You go Bush, kill a fucking Iraqi terriost named Saddam. Here we go, bring it on hippies.


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